I'm Geek I came over in the great tumblr migration of 2018. I am an Illustrator who would like to make a living off of my art one day... that's the dream anyway. I enjoy drawing cute girls, sonic, and furries mostly. Enjoy your stay.

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As long as you tag your stuff properly, you can post anything within reason here. Newgrounds is pretty chill artwise, although multiple pictures in one submission will compress all but the first image, so keep that in mind if you do a set.
If you're looking for attention though, Newgrounds probably isn't the best place to go. It's a bit niche these days. You might get some critique from a passing peep with nothing else to do, but probably not a lot of views. So keep that in mind.

Yeah, I noticed that one someone else art work. I'll probably just post things separately. Regardless of whether or not I get people's attention to my work, I do like the atmosphere here so far and I'll probably stick around for a while.

I reside on MANY artsites. In my experience on all of them, Newgrounds is a Middle tier Art site. Firstly, because you mentioned NSFW, please be wary that NSFW filters do NOT apply to artists' profile/Gallery. It only applies to the Search Areas on the site. If I have my settings to view only up to teen, I can still see your higher rated content if I go to your gallery. Make sure you are Okay with that knowledge.

On Commenting, this website is not set up for Commenting, but critiquing, and thus comments from here are few and far between unlike FA/DA/Weasyl which are focused more around general commenting with your audience. If you are looking for fun conversations with your audience on your art, this isn't the site for that.

I have not delved into commissions from this website as I am stable by getting commissions via FA and DA still, so I cannot comment about commissions on here. It does seem to have a robust commissions area compared to other Mid and lower-tier artsites where commissions are near impossible to get.

On Reaching new Eyes: This site is very slow for me to reach new people. I am a SFW and Gore artist, and also an art-interacts-with-viewer artist, and that is not the type of art that seems to be effective in this particular community. My community on this site is growing, but so slowly. My pixiv is growing faster than my Newgrounds that I started only a few months ago, and Pixiv is what I would consider a bottom tier art site. This website also seems to prefer certain styles a lot.

On DeviantARt: Do you post your artwork into Groups on DA? I post my artwork I want to reach lots of new eyes for into as many groups as I possibly can. DA did just go through a big change, so there will def be a huge activity dip for quite a while. I won't be abandoning DA as it is still a big source of my Income and is still plenty active to reach new eyes. I'm on so many artsites anyways that compaired to all of them, DA is still one of the highest activity artsites around despite the recent exodus.

Back to Newgrounds: I am keeping up on my Newgrounds going on two years now. I will continue to post here as well. This website does have all the things I like in an artsite other than a robustly active community like fa/da. When asked for Alt sites, I do mention NG to people. I've been considering it a side-main. It is def suited for certain artists more than others community wise.

I am still trying to find a site that is user friendly but it also active.
I feel like DA isn't what it once was. I post in some groups but a lot of the groups I find or even ones I post in now are kinda dead in terms of active users.
Fa is where I get most of my income from but it's been less lately and idk if it's me not using it to its full potential or people just not being as active. I'll probably still post on Da truthfully but I guess I'm getting frustrated cause I feel like am stagnating on all sites but Twitter

@KawaiiGeek We are in the midst of a Pandemic at the moment, so keep in mind that there are also a lot of people who can't get commissions or pay for bills at this time from the start of this whole year. I could imagine people cutting their internet or electricity in order to keep their homes if possible.

Do you have a small Comic Series that people can watch? I just started mine up, and I'm surprised at the change in user interaction with having an active comic to run, even if its just black and white, across the board. Something for viewers to get invested in on occasion to keep coming back.

Twitter's been one of the least working for me, actually. I do think that there is a lot of people scattered this year, though. Lots of people deciding to only exist on one artsite, or go to a new account no one knows about. I get at least one journal like that a week. It's a bit frustrating because for some awful reason a lot of people are deciding to only post on their... discords only? A place that doesn't reach new eyes because they are private sharing servers? I dunno... I've just lost a lot of artists to watch because of that sort of thing.